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An impetus for change – Pono Hawaii Initiative

It is critically important that we act now to move the politics & policy needle forward here in Hawaii. To keep the momentum going requires action, leadership and focus.   The Pono Hawaii Initiative (PHI) has been formed to do … Continue reading

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2017 Legislature – Fail

By almost all measures, the 2017 legislative session deserves a report card dominated by “F’s”. Instead of rising to the occasion, the Hawaii legislature is closing its session wallowing in the abyss of failure, well beyond the low end of … Continue reading

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Kabuki smoke and mirrors political BS (with all due respect)

If they really wanted to, the Hawaii legislature and/or the Department of Agriculture could ban chlorpyrifos today. In yesterdays April 2nd Honolulu Star-Advertiser headlined “Push to ban insecticide builds at Legislature, Rep. Chris Lee Chair of the House Energy and … Continue reading

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HB790 and my discussion with Kauai Rep. Morikawa

Below is a chain of communications between myself and Representative Dee Morikawa who represents the west side of Kauai which is home base for the chemical companies, Dow, Dupont and Syngenta. I posted the below on FaceBook on Tuesday March … Continue reading

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Hooser To Host KKCR “Policy & Politics” Talk Show

Starting this Monday February 13, from 5pm until 6pm I will be joining the hardworking volunteers at KKCR and hosting a regular talk show entitled “Policy & Politics”! “Policy & Politics” will focus on exploring topics dealing with all levels … Continue reading

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Time To Legalize Pot In Hawaii – It’s The Right Thing To Do And Frankly We Need The Money

It’s time now to legalize cannabis for recreational use by adults in Hawaii. The recreational use of cannabis is already legal in Alaska, California, Colorado, Maine, Massachusetts, Nevada, Oregon, Washington, and Washington D.C.. It is the right thing to do … Continue reading

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Hawaii State Senate and House regularly violate the State Constitution – or not?

At the recently held Hawaii Peoples Congress issues with regards to the “accountability of elected officials” was a hot topic of discussion. The matter of the Maui County Council flaunting the Sunshine Law was discussed. Also discussed at length … Continue reading

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