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This blog represents my thoughts as an individual person. I presently serve now as a volunteer President of the Hawaii Alliance for Progressive Action (H.A.P.A.) In a past life I was an elected member of the Kauai County Council, a Hawaii State Senator and Majority Leader and the Director of Environmental Quality Control for the State of Hawaii - in an even earlier incarnation I was an entrepreneur and small business owner. Yes, I am one of the luckiest guys on the planet. “Come to the edge.” “We can’t. We’re afraid.” “Come to the edge.” “We can’t. We will fall!” “Come to the edge.” And they came. And he pushed them. And they flew. - Christopher Logue (b.1926)

Current status and my testimony on SB3095 – Pesticide Disclosure and Buffer Zones

Note: On Monday February 12th the Hawaii State Senate Committees on Agriculture and Health and Consumer Protection held a hearing on SB3095 that proposes to regulate the use of Restricted Use Pesticides by requiring the largest users to disclose that … Continue reading

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A letter to my granddaughter Isabella.

Dear Isabella, On this, your very first birthday, I sit here in Hawaii typing you this note while you are in Japan thousands of miles away.   Your grandmother and I miss you very much today, and every day. But … Continue reading

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Good source documents for pesticide testimony:

  The United States Environmental Protection Agency: “Exposure to a variety of pesticides have been linked to increased risk of birth defects.” American Pregnancy Association: “If you discover you are pregnant and you live near an agricultural area where pesticides … Continue reading

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Words On Leadership

Was invited to offer words of “reflection and contemplation” to the Hawaii State Senate this past Friday February 2, 2018. Mahalo to Senator Ihara for granting me this honor, and to Senate President Ron Kouchi and all of my former … Continue reading

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A birthday ask that does not cost any money.

Aloha Friends, I just completed my 64th trip around the sun and a big mahalo to all who sent birthday greetings! I am making one more birthday ask today and it is not for money.   Please contact your State Senator … Continue reading

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4 things Hawaii must do in response to recent ballistic missile scare

Providing leadership and support for a strong and conscientious movement toward global peace and the dismantling of all nuclear weaponry, must be Hawaii’s response to the events of this past Saturday morning. To be clear, I believe in having a … Continue reading

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A Practical Guide To Problem Solving At The County Level

Problem solving and decision making by elected bodies can be complex, convoluted, and to some, a veritable conundrum. Needless to say, in a political environment, the dynamics and pressures inhibiting the introduction of new out-of-the-box solutions are significant. The most … Continue reading

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