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Bold leadership can increase affordable housing, curb poverty

Hawaii is locked in an economic crisis of immense proportions, yet those in positions of leadership do little. Like crickets in the night we hear them chirping, bemoaning the visual blight of the unwashed, pointing fingers at each other in … Continue reading

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Adding more lanes to relieve traffic congestion = a zero sum game

The best thing we can do to solve our traffic problem is to do nothing. Seriously, while “doing nothing” is clearly not an option, studies have shown that adding more and more lanes simply adds more and more capacity and … Continue reading

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Affordable Housing – it’s complicated…but not really.

“It’s complicated” is often the response given as to why government is not doing more to deal with the lack of truly affordable housing. Actually, it’s not. It takes a government willing to think long-term, challenge the large landowners and … Continue reading

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Why Corporations Love The Centrist

The obligation to meet opposing viewpoints “halfway” and “listen to the other side” are core arguments of those whose primary interest is preservation of the status quo.  On issues pertaining to the advancement of justice, those advocating for a position … Continue reading

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